3G Fixed Wireless 1FXS

3G Fixed Wireless 1FXS


Support 1 GSM Port

HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM Triple-band HSDPA (UMTS):850/1900/2100MHz
Products Name :
3G Fixed Wireless Terminal
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Introduction :
Main Features 1. Convert phone call from fixed line to 3G Wireless Network 2. 2x RJ-11 phone ports for connecting phone, PABX or VoIP Gateway 3. Support SIM Lock and Network Lock 4. External Antenna connector – SMA Type 5. Optional back-up battery 6. Volume adjustment and echo cancel 7. Support caller ID: DTMF Mode; optional FSK Caller ID 8. Reverse Polarity or 12/16KHz metering signal 9. USB port to connect PC for 3G Data network(HSDPA/UMTS); INTRODUCTION Technical specifications 3G/GSM parameters Support: HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM Triple-band HSDPA (UMTS):850/1900/2100MHz HSDPA downlink: 3.6Mbps WCDMA (UMTS) uplink: 384kbps EDGE data: 237kbps downlink and 118kbps uplink GPRS data: 85.6kbps downlink and 42.8kbps uplink

Power supply

AC input voltage           100V~240V AC Power adaptor output        DC9V/1.5A Battery                   6V/4AH Lead-Acid battery(optional) Maximum charging current   600MA DC input voltage range      9V~10V DC Maximum working current   700ma(DC7.5V, Average current, excluding charger current)

Application environment

Operating temperature:         0~+50゜C Relative humidity:            10%~90%