CUMeeting For Client

Multipoint Video Conference

Support 16-way videos and polling
Multipoint video conference allows you to host
a video conference,connect around the world with
video conferencing. If there are more than
16 points of participants need to hold web conference,
with video pollingfeature, each point’s video can be
broadcasted by turns.

Compatible with Android, iPad and iPhone

Hold conference anytime, anywhere
CUMeeting is compatible with Android OS based devices,
iPad and iPhone. If you would like meet someone on your
devices, you may try CUMeeting. It makes you can hold
conference instantly wherever you are.

HD Video Conference

Support 720p & 1080p perfectly.
Support 720p & 1080p full high-definition. In CUMeeting web conference, you can choose full screen with high-definition video to see clear images of the people. Worldwide connects face to face. Besides, voice sync
with mouth perfectly.

Powerful Sharing

Improve collaboration by sharing screen/application/documents
/audio/video. With CUMeeting web conferencing software,
participants can view your actions on the desktop in real time,
 view your selected application and file including PowerPoint,
Word, Excel, PDF, TEXT, Image etc. Besides, you can send file
to participant or receive file frompresenter. With this web
conferencing software, you also can play the most popular
formats including MP3, RM, RVMB, WMV, ASF, AVI, etc.


Easily add annotations and share them
Whiteboard feature allows you to add annotations, highlight any specificcontent on the presentation (support Image, PDF,Word, Excel and Powerpoint),
add notes on a virtual whiteboard.Annotations can be reviewed in real time.This is a powerfull feature of virtual meeting and collaboration.

Remote Control

Remote PC access from anywhere via the Internet.
Meeting host can allow any participants to access and control
presenter’s computer froma remote location.If participant’s
camera supports PTZ control, CUMeeting web conferencing
software allows you to zoom in and out participant’s camera
and adjust the camera’s position with remote control.

Record Your Conference Videos

Capture the essential information then share.
Capture the essential information accurately in high-resolutionand save as .wmv or .asf file. Once the meeting has ended, you can share recordings toenhance meeting effectives. With
CUMeeting web video conferencing software, you don’t have to worry about missing any information of a meeting any more.

Electronic Voting

Set up voting and get result instantly.
As meeting host, you can start electronic voting flexible with
CUMeeting web conferencing software. Also can do the following
operations, set up single choice or multiple choice questions;
broadcast the result of voting; modify the content of voting;
set valid time period for voting(at most 120 minutes); use
non-anonymous function, etc. Besides, voting results can be aired
in real time.