CUMeeting For Server  


CUMeeting Server offers high security
video conferencing system. It workers
on your private LAN, WAN or VPN and over
the Internet. Only users with access to your
private domain can communicate with other
users on your server.


Run CUMeeting web video conferencing software
from your own private and secure server. User
can invite others to join the conference via
email. Enables network administrators to easily
manage user lists. Besides, it supports multi


Low per-point cost allows companies to empower
all their employees, customers and partners with
CUMeeting Server unified communication and
collaboration tools. CUMeeting Server is simple
to setup and can be installed on most existing
computer systems, there is no need to purchase
any hardware.


CUMeeting’s audio and video transport is built
on the fast and efficient FIAC, FIVC protocol.
Client’s bandwidth requirements automatically
adjust based on camera, lighting, movement,
and video-window size to optimize bandwidth use.